The Global Domino Program (GDP) is an international comm[unity]-building initiative spearheaded by UPLFTRS and the SF Bay Area's Domino Players Association (DPA). The project honors the game's legacy of multi-cultural participation by providing free domino sets, scorepads, and tables in public settings for all to interact and play.

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About The Domino Players Association

The Domino Players Association (DPA) is a dominoes league based in the East Bay region of Northern California. Founded in 2009, the league is an experiment in camaraderie, competition, and group process. Against the backdrop of runaway leagues such as the NFL whose routine management practices are often driven by profit agendas, the DPA founders asked themselves what a league could look like if it privileged the well-being of its players and the health of the community after 8 years and hundreds of games later, the domino players association is still marinating that one question, in the process of creating what one league member described as “a unique example of adult community building, sustenance, and renewal."

Together, UPLFTRS and the DPA are committed to providing communities with tools that can help facilitate dialogue around collective accountability as global citizens.